OIART Alumni - Mark Krupka

Mark Krupka (’86) is one of the top location audio engineers in the business, routinely tackling the most challenging recording environments that exist. His specialty is the fast and unpredictable world of reality television. A veteran of the CBS hit show Survivor, Mark has just returned from the latest installment in Cambodia. He keeps up with the pace of the Amazing Race Canada, follows the kitchen chaos on Top Chef Canada, and has captured the skates of Battle of the Blades in past seasons.

Says Krupka, “Going to a place like OIART gives you the technical background and introduces you to people in the industry,” he says. “You learn a tremendous amount about working with sound, but you also learn how to interact with the people you could work with. It’s indispensable experience.”

Mark has employed numerous graduates in many capacities over the years, such as mixer Ben Doner (’09), editor Marla Kishimoto (’09) and boom op Jonathan Diemer (’10) to name a few.