One of the responsibilities of being a school (especially one like ours, that is focused primarily on employment after graduation) is to stay current in the industry, follow new trends, and to prepare the students for future careers. Frankly, the majority of careers that younger students will be doing in 10 years, simply don’t exist yet. Therefore, it’s our responsibility as a school to start teaching for careers that will exist in the future, now!

One of the biggest trends that have occurred in music and media, of course, is YouTube.

The thing that we’ve always done as an educational institution, is every year we bring in guest lectures from all over the industry. People come in to speak to the students about different types of jobs, industries, how they got started, and what a typical career path looks like. A lot of the guest lecturers we bring in are driven by student requests. They want to connect with someone that is in a certain career path, or someone that works with a specific genre or artist. In the past couple of years, one of the trends we were seeing is, “Look at these YouTubers, we want to talk to someone like that.”

With this information, in the summer of 2017, we brought in Glenn Fricker from Spectre Media Group, and the students really enjoyed interacting with a YouTube personality. The following weeks after his lecture, the students started wanting more. They asked, “Can we talk with this YouTube star?” and, “It would be great if we can get so and so out to the school.” This is when we started realizing, as an educational facility, a lot of these YouTube content creators are now the new movie stars, the new rock stars of this generation of students. They are being referred to as the influencers; these are the people that are actually getting a message across to this generation.

That’s when we decided, this is what the students want to see and this is starting to become a viable career path. A way to combine your passion, hobby, and education, and show you a way to monetize it through YouTube. Thus, creating a potential future in sound.

So, we started interacting with YouTubers to see just how much work actually goes into making this content, because one of the interesting things is, to the untrained eye, these are people just making videos in their bedroom. They are not able to see the technology, education and the skill set that’s on the other side of the camera lens. That’s what we decided to do for our students, let’s bring in as many YouTubers as we can and show them just what it’s like to go down this career path, either as a content creator or working with the creators themselves.

There are lots of people that want to create content. Obviously, there is going to be a huge demand for a skill set that can help with the process; everything from audio, video editing, and camerawork. As an educational institution within Live Sound, Audio for Visual Media, and Music Production, we are showing students how to connect the knowledge to the YouTube world. We saw YouTube as a unique way to tie that entire skill set together; to open up another range of career paths. Another way for students to take their skill set and passion, and translate that into another income to support themselves.

YouTubers involved in this collab:

PelleK :

Steve Terreberry :

Cole Rolland :

Trey Xavier :

Cameron Fleury :…

Special thanks to our Grad Siegfried Meier for Engineering the session (click HERE to read more about his story).


Troy Glessner from Spectre Studios For mastering the song