Oiart - Alumni - Robin Parmar

When Robin Parmar graduated, way back in 1987, digital technology was in its infancy. The state of the art was a 12-bit Sony encoder that recorded to VHS tape! He first applied the skills he learned at OIART in community radio, working on reel-to-reel tape, cart machine, and a number of other intriguing formats. But a fascination with cutting-edge tech was never far away. In fact, Robin helped found Canada’s first community-based internet broadcaster (Radio Ethos in Strathroy, Ontario). Today, Robin lives in Ireland, working as an electroacoustic composer, researcher, and lecturer, with strong interests in field recording, improvisation, algorithmic programming, and psychoacoustics. His tools of choice include Max/MSP and Reaktor for sound design, Samplitude for mixing, and a Zoom F8 for recording on the go. He has been awarded residencies in Ireland, Spain, and the UK… and will soon fly out to The Azores. He has collaborated with musicians and dancers, producing work for theatre and film. Most of this is of a decidedly experimental nature. Robin says: “The amazing thing about the skills I learned at OIART is that they are still applicable today, and will still be useful in another ten or twenty years. The fundamentals never go out of style, and that’s exactly what I learned from my instructors and fellow students. It so happened that I chose an artistic path rather than a career in industry. Anything is possible with the right training. And, yes, a love for sound and an appreciation for how it can change people.”