Oiart - Alumni - Tyler Chute

Tyler Chute is a freelance mix engineer/producer, as well as a sales rep for Trew Audio in Toronto, ON. Before graduating OIART in 2014, Tyler came straight from high school with the intention of learning more about recording and creating music.

After graduating, Tyler became an audio engineer at a local studio called Low Key Studios, recording local artists and bands, being nominated for a London Music Award for the best mixing engineer for Sam Kruger’s Moving So Slow EP. He then moved to Toronto to intern at Find A Way and MCS Recording studios, eventually finding a job at Trew Audio selling audio equipment for film shoots, dealing with some of the best location recordists in the industry, including many OIART grads.

Turning 22 this year, Tyler still has a lot to look forward to in the future. “I was one of the youngest in my class, which can be a big challenge, but I found it the most beneficial for this kind of industry. Not many people realize that the younger you are, the more moldable and adaptable you can be. OIART taught me everything I needed to know coming into the industry, and I eventually came to love everything about sound, whether it be music, location, live, etc. It really felt like a small family, and I recommend anyone interested in sound to attend at some point, no matter what age if they can.”