OIART Alumni Ross Hudgins

Ross Hudgins (’98) is an engineer at Twisted Pair Productions in Regina, Saskatchewan. At this full service media production facility, Ross gets involved in projects from the very beginning; casting voiceover talent, recording and editing voiceovers, music and sound effects, then final mixes for broadcast and online media.  His provides the conduit between the client and the creative tools to build a soundtrack that suits the project.

This position has provided him with plenty of variety over nearly 15 years. Ross says, “It’s really fun to show up everyday and have something different to do. One day it’s a corporate video, other days it’s commercials, recording documentary narration, or sound design for mobile apps.” He enjoys balancing the artistic and technical aspects, describing the work as a real left-brain versus right-brain thing…engineering solutions for creative opportunities.

Ross recalls his year at OIART fondly; “I was always a good listener. My year at OIART enabled me to turn that into a career. Finding a place where I could learn about sound recording and the industry, and it was exactly what I wanted to do. My instructors were excellent. They started us at the beginning and you can go anywhere from there.”