OIART Alumni - Rob Nokes

Sound Recordist Rob Nokes (’90) has performed many roles in a long and varied career. He is currently the Supervising Sound Editor for the popular Fox TV series “Bones,” a position he also held on the series “Backstrom,” and hit movies such as Disney’s “Planes” and “Miracle.” Sounds he has captured have been heard in films such as Wolverine, Real Steel, Snow White and the Huntsman and X-Men, as well as in the Oscar Winners Million Dollar Baby, As Good As It Gets and Seabiscuit. As owner of the sound library Sounddogs.com, he travels the world constantly to record new sounds. Rob also owns 3rd Street ADR in Santa Monica CA where stars such as Tom Hanks, Jake Gyllenhaal, Renee Zellweger, Norm McDonald, Eva Longoria, Naomi Watts, Ellen Page, Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, Rene Zellweger, Ray Liotta, Angelica Huston and Christian Slater have recorded.

In his official bio, Rob says, “As a Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Effects Recordist / Designer I strive to provide sound effects that enhance the filmmakers’ story and enable the filmgoer to believe that they are immersed in the story with the characters. Recording and experiencing sounds from all over the world increases my knowledge and capability to select and create the best sound effects for the film. Over the past few years, I have recorded Fireworks in the Punta Del Este harbor in Uruguay, tropical fish in Saipan, spelunking the caves of Tinian, World War II planes, a Stuart Tank, spelunking the Christmas Caves in the Chezk Republic, numerous Monasteries in Prague, a WWII concentration camp, the steppes of Kazakhstan for indigenous voices and music, Chilean racetracks, the LA morgue, go-karts, modified cars, numerous dogs, football games, college basketball, junk yards, F-18 Jets, and a lot more.”

Rob says the most important thing he learned at OIART was “there are a lot more opportunities in the world than I first realized.” His career certainly exemplifies this!