OIART Alumni - Mike Cashin

After graduating from OIART, Mike Cashin (’00) landed the enviable position of 2nd Engineer at Vancouver’s Warehouse Studio, owned by Bryan Adams and one of the top studios in Canada.  While working there he had the opportunity to learn his trade from the engineering and production giants of the industry on sessions with artists in every corner of the industry, from Motley Crue to Michael Buble and Swollen Members to Devin Townsend’s Strapping Young Lad.

After almost 10 years there, Mike went on to open and manage CREW Studios in North Vancouver.  It was a build from the ground up and he contributed to every detail including studio layout and design, equipment selection, acoustics, engineering and daily operations. There he had the chance to work with Elvis Costello and The Roots.

For the past 3 years, Mike has been with Applied Electronics as their Technical Lead, doing audio, video and control integrations.  As their audio specialist in the Western Region, he works with various audio DSP’s, programming and installing in control rooms, council chambers, boardrooms and theatres. He continues to make records based out of various Vancouver recording studios and sits on juries for FACTOR, The West Coast Music Awards and The Junos.

Mike says, “I’ve lectured at other audio schools, and it makes me grateful for my OIART education.  Choosing to go to OIART prepared me for real world situations.  From knowing how to handle the long days that the industry demands, to being able to interact with all different types of people.

I still use the fundamentals and physics of audio that I learned in school every day in my work.  Whether I’m recording a large band in a studio, mixing in or out of the box or tuning a theatre for the best sound for presentations or lectures, OIART gave me the knowledge I need to make it sound as good as it can.”