Oiart - Alumni - Michelle Hwu

Since graduating from OIART in 2015, Michelle Hwu has been actively working in audio post-production. She began interning at Tattersall Sound & Picture, where she had the opportunity to work and train as a Sound Assistant on various projects such as Larry Weinstein’s The Devil’s Horn and Below Her Mouth, a film which premiered at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. Michelle currently works at The Farmhouse Creative Labs alongside owner and fellow OIART alumni, John Diemer (’10) as a Sound Editor and Re-recording Mixer.

At The Farmhouse Creative Labs, Michelle works with a variety of clients such as CBC, NBC, W Network, VICE, UBER, Canon, Lululemon, Telus and AOL. She works with Canon’s The Creator Class, a team that showcases projects by current and prominent artists throughout communities in North America. With VICE, she has worked on different projects under VICE Sports and VICE News including their notable cover on the proxy war in Ukraine. One of the biggest highlights of Michelle’s audio career so far was editing and mixing The Pistol Shrimps, a documentary about an all-female recreational basketball team which premiered at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

With a background in percussion performance, Michelle has a fascination for rhythm and sync which extends to her passion for Foley. In her spare time, she has shadowed under Foley artists at Technicolor Toronto and worked as a Foley artist at Post City Sound on projects. Michelle is excited to continue working in the world of audio post-production and explore the many facets it has to offer. She says, “One of my favourite memories so far has been the after-party of the Pistol Shrimps premiere where there were basketball arcade machines, a dance floor full of the basketball team members, the film crew, and Morgan Spurlock was there!”