OIART Alumni - Kelvin Tang

Kelvin Tang (’14) is a freelance audio engineer in Toronto who has worked with Stagevision, the IATSE stage union and Rogers TV, for whom he currently mixes games at Ricoh Coliseum (pictured) for the Leafs’ affiliate AHL Toronto Marlies as well as other sporting events. Some of his most memorable gigs since graduation include the Conn Smythe charity dinner, the NHL media summit, Nuit Blanche, and the Pan Am games where he got to meet Steve Nash and saw the Canadian ladies win basketball gold.
Kevlin says, “I felt that along with a solid background knowledge in audio, OIART also prepared me with a great foundation to tackle any challenges both audio and non audio related. One key concept that I’ve kept with me throughout my short career so far is to keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try anything (even if it’s not audio related).Every time I go out and try something new, I have a greater appreciation for everything that I learned from OIART. A good quote passed down to me that always keeps me going is, ‘the future has not happened yet.'” Thanks Kelvin!