OIART - Alumni - Gabriel Hauser

After graduating from OIART in 2011, Gabriel Hauser landed a job at Digital Extremes, one of the longest running video game companies in the business. There he worked on a few seminal titles including Star Trek: The Video Game (PC/PS3/XBOX 360) and Warframe (PC/PS4/XBOX ONE).  Gabriel now works at Uken Games, a Toronto based game developer specializing in cross-platform, social-mobile games for iOS and Android.  His work can be heard on Bingo Pop, Kings of Pool, Cloud Breakers and Titans, which was nominated in 2014 at the Canadian Videogame Awards for “Best iOS Game.” Gabriel has been asked to present at talks on game audio, most recently at the Game Audio Special put on by Sound Hackers Toronto.

Gabriel says, “I get to work in a fast-paced, exciting and still growing industry. The folks at Uken are some of the most talented and cool people you’ll meet.” When asked what a typical day looks like, Gabriel emphasizes the variety of work. “One moment I’m dealing directly with gamers, corresponding back and forth, then I’m designing sounds for some in-game animations, then I’m designing the next weekend tournament, then I’m producing music written by our in-house composer. It can be a whirlwind of things, but I actually love that. Keeps things interesting, you know?” Gabriel says that his education at OIART’s audio and music production program helped him prepare for this multi-skilled, multifaceted, fast-paced, ever-evolving environment. “People skills are paramount, though. Work on yourself as much as you do on your work.”