OIART Alumni - Eric Chorostecki

Eric Chorostecki (’07) is a live sound mixer at The Mod Club Theater in Toronto ON. He has previously worked at the Drake Underground and many venues in Toronto and beyond. That’s not actually his hair;)

Of his career thus far, Eric says, “Really I’ve enjoyed it all, to different extents, from pushing boxes and schlepping cables to mixing front of house and touring. OIART was like the entry point to the world behind the curtain, and the whole variety of experiences since has been rewarding. Some of my favourite moments would include mixing a band in front of 15,000 people in South Padre Island, to Rich Aucoin with a wireless mic crowdsurfing inside a hamster wheel, to By Divine Right’s reunion show at Harborfront with 19 players and three drum kits.

OIART was the port into the audio world, but it’s also where I yoked together my mathematical and artistic sides. The dichotomy of having rules (ultimately it’s all electricity travelling down copper) and breaking them (so many ways to bend or redirect that electricity) … and the opportunity to be wrong and learn something new at any turn of every day. I guess that’s what attracted me into doing live sound.

I went to the school to learn how to make better basement demos of my own music. I left having acquired the ability to troubleshoot creatively.” Thanks Eric! Continued success!