Oiart - Alumni - Dmitri Belichenko

Dmitri has been freelancing since graduation in 2008 and loves the freedom of self-employment “It’s exciting not knowing what you’re going to work on next”. He enjoys being involved a wide variety of projects and getting to be creative in so many different styles of music. He is continually adding to an already impressive library of royalty free music on shockwave-sound. He’s worked with many international brands, and recently did a national campaign for Giant Tiger where he created sound branding, as well as music and sound effects for a series of TV ads. Dmitri was the composer and post production mixer for Edgefactor show that aired on Cox cable. He’s currently collaborating with an indie game developer on a rhythm based space shooter where the game soundtrack is generated by in-game action. Dmitri is also known as KloneZ – an electronic music producer and DJ. His tracks were featured on BBC Radio 1 and appeared on compilations from artist like Showtek. He travelled as far as Australia, DJing at one of the biggest festivals in the world, Defqon1. He released a hardstyle compilation “Hybrid Warfare” where he oversaw the production and collaborated with artists to bring his vision to life. KloneZ is releasing tracks on Detox, Hard with Style and Gearbox record labels. He continues to work out of his home project studio in London, Ontario.