Oiart - Alumni - Brent Blazieko

Brent Blazieko 92′, aka tBone, is at his happiest and most creative when recording, mixing and producing at the Sound Lounge. Having graduated from OIART with an Honours Diploma in Audio Engineering, tBone wanders the world listening, learning and applying the many facets of audio engineering to the project at hand which has included 19 years as Senior Producer at Rawlco Radio.

Audio for advertising and voiceover have been the main streams of work since the beginning of Sound Lounge in 1995 (with many radio ads and jingles). Over the last 5 years agency work, location audio, audio post, and mixing for theatre/TV/web ads have opened new doors. Sound design for live theatre has been a new fun adventure too, and so the Sound Lounge evolves as new sonic needs arise.