OIART - Alumni - Andrew Tyne

Grad Andrew Tyne (’08) is currently an Event Manager with the Halifax Convention Centre. After graduation, Andrew started as an Assistant Production Manager with Princess Cruise Lines. Mixing a full orchestra and cast in a floating 700-seat theatre was a daunting first gig. Andrew told us he owes his amazing career ride to his time spent at OIART. “I remember getting on the ship and very quickly realizing that I was a department of one, in the middle of the ocean. It was really kind of nerve wracking. I remember actually calling Bob Breen under the guise of checking in but really kind of needing a bit of a pep talk. I spent 4 years and a huge amount of cash at University (which don’t get me wrong, was a great experience) but I can’t think of anyone at my old University taking a phone call from a scared kid on his first job. After a few minutes on that call I absolutely felt better, Bob reminded me that I had the all of the knowledge and skills that I needed and that I was going to be fine. It turns out that he was 100% correct and that job was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had.”

Andrew says that his decision to attend OIART was heavily based on conversations with alumni. “I was asking different folks in the recording industry where I’m from and everyone had nothing but amazing things to say. It got to the point that I started looking for the downside that I was sure I was missing and happily never found. As I moved further into the AV section of the Meetings and Events Industry I had to expand my skill set to include lighting and video and networking but the curriculum at OIART is set up in such a way that it allows you to see that signal flow is signal flow no matter if you’re talking about a mixing desk or a video switcher.”

“Whenever people ask me, I immediately say that attending OIART will be an experience that will not only jump start your career, but really assist you regardless of what path your career takes.” Thanks Andrew!