If you haven’t already explored all the educational options available in audio technology, we encourage you to do so. Speak with graduates and industry professionals, and don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions. We want you to be certain that OIART is the right choice.

We’ve written an Audio School Selection Guide that will help you make the right choice. It is filled with a wealth of information about the audio industry, careers in audio, the differences between private and public audio programs and how to measure the quality of a school or program. Please feel free to download it.

We’ve created a large full colour poster outlining all the career options in audio and music technology. It has been requested by many teachers and counsellors across Canada and the US for display in their classrooms. View the poster here. Fill out our contact form to request a free poster for your classroom.

The typical OIART student is passionate about audio in any form, spending hours, often late into the night, creating and consuming sound. Musicians, performers, avid gamers, beat makers, DJ’s, You Tubers, film and movie buffs, music aficionados, concert goers and techies are all present in our student body.

With educational backgrounds ranging from high school to college to university and ages from 17-30’s, our students hail from small towns and major cities across Canada, the US and internationally. In previous educational settings, the classes they enjoyed include communications, music, audio, media, computers, technology, drama and art.

Typical previous experiences of our students include producing music, playing in a band, doing sound for school plays or assemblies, doing sound for their church, creating content for YouTube, making videos, and exposure to audio software such as GarageBand, FL Studio, Reaper, Ableton, Audacity etc.

OIART cultivates a close knit, like-minded student culture that provides a collaborative and creative environment like you’ve never experienced before.

Unlike other audio schools, OIART offers a focused, comprehensive and relevant audio engineering curriculum delivered over an intense 11-month period. It never remains static and evolves to reflect new technologies and changing software. We do not teach old outdated models of the music industry. Our history and close relationships with numerous major employers in Canada and the US allows our curriculum to reflect the needs of the employers and what they are looking for in our graduates. OIART graduates walk out of the program with skills that are in-demand today, not 10-20 years ago.

Only 68 candidates are accepted each year. We offer only one program with one start date per year making us the only program in North America with true small class sizes. Students enjoy unprecedented access to faculty and studios with over 1,300 hours in 8 state-of-the-art facilities including over 650 hours of hands-on studio time and unrivaled personalized career counseling and support to help land that first job.

Each member of the OIART full-time faculty holds an audio engineering diploma with qualifications far exceeding Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities standards as well as extensive audio industry experience. In addition to the full-time faculty, OIART brings in over 40 working professionals as guest lecturers and mentors to introduce a wide range of career and networking options for the students.

The tuition cost for attending OIART for the coming year is $32,450. There are no hidden or extra fees. We accomplish in 11 months what other programs require 2 or even 3 years to do. When comparing tuition costs, take into account the additional living expenses and income lost while remaining in school. Just based on a typical 2-year program elsewhere, attending OIART might actually save you upwards of $15,000.

Helping students find their first jobs in the industry after graduation is a responsibility we take very seriously. In fact, Career Management is an integral – and exclusive — part of our curriculum. Students learn how to land a job after graduation. We teach them job searching skills, effective resume writing and how to ace an interview.

Careers in Music Production

Careers in Live Sound and Event Production

Careers in Audio for Visual Media

They occupy key positions in all areas of the audio industry and can provide a wealth of industry connections, networking contacts and growth opportunities. In a world where it’s hard to find that first job, OIART works closely with alumni to give qualified candidates a helping hand.

Music Production Alumni

Live Sound and Event Production Alumni

Audio for Visual Media Alumni

Since opening, OIART has had over 1,500 students pass through the doors. Of that number, almost 90% graduate and more than 70% have jobs within 6 months.

With a population of over 350,000, London is home to the large University of Western Ontario and several other leading post-secondary institutions, so it’s very much a student town. That means you’ll find the advantages and amenities you would expect from urban living, but with plenty of affordable options for student living. We list some housing, room rentals and shared accommodation on our website.

For more information and answers to any questions your may have about our Career Management, or the Admission Process please contact our Admissions Office at

For more information on financial assistance contact our financial aid office at


“OIART has given me so much and I’m so happy that I have been able use the lessons I learned to not only further my career and passion but also give back to some of the people and organizations that helped me along my journey. I have to say a huge thanks to the OIART staff because without their continued guidance and support I wouldn’t be where I am. Not only does OIART have an amazing staff but the students that come out of the program are just as insightful and determined to further the industry as the staff are”

Joey Siracusa (’17)
Location Recordist, IATSE, Star Trek Discovery, Handmaid’s Tale


The amount of post-graduate support offered by the school is, in my opinion, unrivaled by any other school. I snagged this job as a direct result of the close-knit network between former graduates and OIART faculty. The school really cares about keeping former students connected to audio opportunites from all over the coundtry and beyond. Without that valuable support, I would not have this amazing job that I have now.

Ryan Sanderson (’11)
Broadcast Technician / Associate Producer, CBC Radio Saskatchewan

“The skills I learned at OIART are invaluable with the work I am doing now. The curriculum laid a stable foundation for me to build my career and troubleshoot any problem that comes my way. I love that OIART has led me into a career where travelling across Canada, The United States, and beyond can be a regular thing!”

Ryan Yusep (’15)
Production Sound Mixer, Boom Operator, and Sound Assistant, The Farmhouse Creative Labs


OIART provided an invaluable network that stretches to all reaches of this industry.

Bryan Van Rooyen
Head of Audio, PA Shop

… that’s the secret sauce that makes OIART special; top notch audio education with a career development program to match.

Reilly Forbes
Technical Director and Freelance Audio Engineer, PAVED Arts Media Production Studio