YouTube stars visit OIART

Last week OIART hosted a panel on content creation and music careers in YouTube. We brought in some of the most well known and influential members of YouTube’s music community: Jared Dines, Steve Terreberry, Glenn Fricker of Spectre Media Group, Tyler Larson of Music is Win, Adam Neely, Trey Xavier of Gear Gods and Sarah Longfield. Also in attendance was Jared Dines’ manager, Tony Cappocchi who was able to provide some insight into the business world of content creation for YouTube. The students had a chance to meet with the YouTube artists and spend some time asking them about all aspects of content creation and YouTube, from lighting and video to monetization, sponsors and advertising. The YouTubers also had two days in one of our studios to work on a collaborative video together and the results were awesome! Stay tuned to see what they created!