Oiart - Alumni - Stephen Mullett

After graduating from OIART in 2012, Stephen Mullett knew he wanted to be a dialogue and sound editor/designer. To further refine the skills and knowledge he gained at OIART, he freelanced as a dialogue and sound editor back in his home province of Newfoundland. Very soon he relocated to Toronto to pursue his passion for audio post production.

Stephen eventually landed with SuperSonics Post Production as a dialogue and sound editor. Mainly working with animation and voice over records, he is part of the editing team on shows such as Camp Lakebottom, Rusty Rivets, as well as specials like Lego Marvel Avengers Reassembled and live action reality TV like Billy Goes North. Currently he is the Senior Sound Editor with Supersonics Post Production.

Stephen say “Everybody says it, but it is true; OIART was paramount for my career in pro audio. It gives you everything you need to build on for a future in this industry, the fundamentals of recording, production, editing and mixing and so much more. As well as providing a genuine look at what to expect from your peers and clients when starting out, it really helped prepare me for what’s out there and what is expected from you.”