OIART - Alumni - Roger Leavens

Roger Leavens (’98) founded and owns Boombox Sound in downtown Toronto. Roger has been an entrepreneur, engineer, musician, studio builder, voice director and record producer since his time in the music and sound production course at OIART. At Boombox, where the centerpiece is a hybrid digital/analog SSL Duality console, he and his team create music and sound design for advertisements and television. Recently, they have worked with Coca Cola, Cadbury, CIL, Ford, Muchmusic and Greenpeace to name a few of their broad array of clients. Roger is an avid collector of vintage synthesizers and also has an impressive music discography as a producer. He has made critically acclaimed albums with DIANA, Born Ruffians, Rural Alberta Advantage, Owen Pallett, DD/MM/YYYY, Woodhands and produced new releases from artists Taste and TIO. Roger said, “My education at OIART allowed me to turn my passion for music and sound into a rewarding career in music and sound.”