OIART - Alumni - Reilly Forbes

Reilly Forbes (’11) is a freelance audio engineer and the Technical Director of the non-profit media production studio PAVED Arts in Saskatoon SK. His work at PAVED primarily sees him working with filmmakers, photographers, sound artists and musicians as a collaborator and technical troubleshooter. Reilly explains, “It’s a unique experience working in media arts and more specifically the non-profit sector. You have the opportunity to work with artists that are at the absolute forefront of creative ideas. It really challenges you to be open minded to experimentation, and I truly cherish that part of the job.”

A career highlight for Reilly is being part of the technical team at PAVED that hosts “Sounds Like,” an annual audio art festival that sees artists from across Canada and the world visit Saskatoon for a weekend of performance, installation and workshops. Away from PAVED Arts, Reilly works with filmmakers, media artists, and musicians in a variety of capacities from sound designer to producer. “I am fortunate that PAVED Arts allows me to stay active in the audio field.”

Reilly says of OIART’s music and audio production program, “Before I came to OIART I studied fine arts at a regular University. Having completed both types of post secondary education I can tell you point blank that OIART did a far superior job of preparing me for the job market. In my mind, that’s the secret sauce that makes OIART special; top notch audio education with a career development program to match.”