OIART Alumni - Paula Dineen

Paula Dineen (’06) is the Audio Technical Supervisor at Accessible Media Inc, a not-for-profit multimedia organization serving more than five million Canadians who are blind, partially sighted, deaf, hard of hearing, mobility or print restricted. Paula is another fine example of one of the variety of careers where OIART grads find success. We’ll let Paula take it from here:

“I started with Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) in 2008 as an Audio Producer and have since held many roles with the company from Bureau Coordinator, to Video Producer, to my current role as Audio Technical Supervisor for AMI-audio. In this role, I oversee the Audio Technicians who are responsible for the recording, technical editing, and delivery of our original audio programs. Part of this is ensuring that our programs get to their intended distribution platforms, including the broadcast channel, website, and podcast. When there are issues with our studios, content delivery, or original programs, I’m there to help troubleshoot.

The education I received not only gave me an understanding of the audio industry, but also how to succeed in it. The broad technical base taught at OIART has allowed me to comfortably move into different roles and tackle new challenges. A new project is even allowing me to dust off my studio building/ maintenance skills. It’s great to be able to confidently discuss studio issues and solutions directly with our Broadcast Engineers.

Two months ago, I was able to hire another OIART grad, Matt Agnew (’13), who is excelling as an Audio Technician.” Thanks Paula!