OIART - Alumni - Jon LeBrun

Jon Lebrun (`03) is a composer, sound designer, mixer and location recordist based in Ottawa ON. Jon`s Brown Sound Audio has extensive experience in television, film, documentaries, video games and other forms of multimedia. Jon`s clients include the NHL, CTV, TSN, Discovery Channel, and many more. For the last 6 years, Jon has composed music and performed the sound design and mix on Don Cherry`s popular Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Hockey DVDs. He also handled the audio for the Montreal Canadiens’ 100th Anniversary DVD. Jon has most recently been recording on location for Season 5 of TFO’s “Motel Monstre.”

Speaking about his education at OIART Jon said, “Not to belittle other audio schools, but I have worked with people from (other programs), and lets just say I was extremely happy with my decision to go to OIART. Something I loved about OIART is that it was intense and only 1 year. After seeing what this career is all about, you sort of come to terms with the fact that you’ll need to put in a few years of “grunt” work, and to get it done when you’re younger is a great idea.”