Oiart - Alumni Bryan - Van Rooyen

A 2008 graduate from OIART’s audio and music production school, Bryan Van Rooyen is the Head of Audio at the PA Shop in London. They have worked as production supplier for many acts such as Keith Urban, Billy Talent, Rise Against, Dean Brody, The Steve Miller Band, Toto, Journey, Boston, Slash, Huey Lewis & The News, Lee Brice and Tim Hicks among countless others. At the PA Shop, Bryan’s skills have grown from solely audio to include lighting, video and rigging. He added, “I’m normally the Monitor Tech on these shows,” performing the sound mix for the band to hear so they can play their best. Bryan often works alongside fellow graduate Humberto Lourenco (’12) who works the Front of House mix position.As well as being at the PA Shop, Bryan freelances for other production companies and events around Ontario and tours with a few different artists. “As I write this, I am in Davenport Iowa with (Canadian comic Steve Smith aka) Red Green. I’m the sole tech on this tour, doing audio, video, directing the local lighting tech every day and stage managing. I’ve been working with him for 3 years now and have travelled across almost the entire US and Canada. I’ve had a very similar position working for Frank Mills for the last couple years, and I am Monitor Tech/Stage manager for Charlie Pride when he is in Canada. OIART gave me a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of working in audio. With this knowledge I can jump onto any new piece of gear or into an entirely new gig and feel confident that I’m ready for it. It also made me a quick and efficient troubleshooter, which is of utmost importance when ‘the show must go on.’ On top of the technical knowledge, OIART also provided an invaluable network that stretches to all reaches of this industry.”