Oiart - Alumni - Anton DeLost

Anton DeLost graduated from OIART’s music production school in 2012. He is a producer, recording engineer, mixer and musician. He now co-owns and operates a professional studio in downtown Toronto ON and has toured Canada and the US playing guitar and singing, and toured the UK and Europe playing drums. In 2007 at age 15 he decided to start a small basement studio for local bands to get decent recordings for an affordable price. Now, his newly renovated studio boasts a beautiful sounding live room and is stocked with top of the line preamps, outboard compression & EQ, instruments and amps. He has also travelled to the US and UK to work on records for a long list of clients including labels like Pure Noise, InVogue, New Damage, Father/Daughter, Mutant League Records and artists including Into It. Over It., Seaway, Liferuiner, and Curses. He excels at fostering unique, creative songwriting and arrangements with his clients while helping them capture their desired sound and overall vibe.

Anton said, “When I attended OIART, I already had a basement studio set up and had been recording local bands for years, more or less self-taught. As I started the program, I almost wished I had never learned most of what I knew as I realized I was then learning everything the right way. I always try to be the first to jump in when anyone on the internet or in person asks about the best audio school. I can’t vouch for OIART or its grads enough. My studio partner and I interviewed about a dozen people for an intern/assistant position at our space last year and I can honestly say the people that had attended OIART were the ones that stood out by a huge margin – it wasn’t even a competition. I know this happens often with other studios, audio companies and freelancers.”

“The things you learn at OIART are so… real. Not just theory, but what to do once you leave the school. They get you so ready and pumped for the industry. I know so many people who have gone to other audio schools who aren’t doing anything to do with audio because they didn’t know where to go from there. You learn how to be a professional and not just why you’re turning that knob, but you know the hell out of that knob. One of the things that impressed me the most about OIART was the variety of audio related classes; in-depth acoustics, physics, digital technology, computers, production, midi, live sound, music, electronics/soldering, recording technology, production, live sound, audio post and more. You’re going to learn everything that could have anything to do with audio. There are little to no unanswered questions when entering the industry. They want you to try stuff, to experiment and to think outside the box where the most you can lose is some grades, not a job. The other thing that impressed me was their continued support with their grads. They’re your audio industry parents – always continuing to give support, checking in from time to time, trying to give you opportunities, making your lunch, etc. I wouldn’t trade my experience with OIART for the world.”