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Mar.03 / 2016
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It’s called, in the business, the Harvard of audio recording schools.

Lee While, operations manager at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, laughs at the comparison, but doesn’t hesitate in answering. “Yeah, we are,” he said, seated in one of eight studios at the private school on Newbold Street. “That is what we like to say. There are a lot of places to go but if you’re looking for the most immersed, the best placement rates, this is it.”

Looking at some of the school’s graduates, it’s hard to argue. David Ciccarelli, chief executive of, London’s voiceover business, is one. Staff at studios working with major recording artists such as Drake, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Walk Off The Earth, Metric and Three Days Grace studied at the institute.... read here for more