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Mar.14 / 2017
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The Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology would like to announce the appointment of C.J Allen in the position of Job Development, Graduate Relations and Career Management instructor.

C.J. Allen started in the entertainment industry in 2009 as a head writer and television producer with CJ Entertainment & Media in Seoul, South Korea.  Previous to working in television, C.J. had been a magazine publisher and editor with interests in music business and talent development which eventually lead to his becoming a talent manager, business consultant and promoter.  Since returning to Canada in 2014, C.J. has worked with start-ups and small businesses while continuing to mentor and support Canadian vocal talent.  As the executive producer and judge for The Shot, C.J. is the creator of Canada’s biggest vocal talent search program, providing mentorship and resources to emerging talent from across the country.  With connections to some Canada's largest commercial and independent music labels, C.J. also helps musicians and performers start and grow their own music business.

C.J also serves as chair of the Arts Awards Waterloo Region board of directors and is a member of the board of advisors for AIESEC Laurier and a mentor for Waterloo Region Small Business Center.
Please join us in welcoming C.J Allen to our team!