There is much to be said about the benefits of being an OIART alumnus. The friendships forged during your 11 months with us will serve you well over the years, and the connections you will inherit upon graduation with past alumni will provide a wealth of networking and growth opportunities. Of course we encourage this, and our Alumni Support Network seamlessly connects OIART graduates that span the industry and the globe.

Mike Tompkins

Producer/Recording Engineer/Songwriter
and YouTube Sensation!

Dean Nelson

Engineer, Producer, and Educator
Full-time Faculty: Pro Tools, Production

Michael Shepherd

Staying Focused
Head Engineer, Lakewind Sound Studios, Cape Breton NS

Mark Krupka

Nature Resounds
Field recordist and production sound engineer Mark Krupka

Brian Eimer

Storytelling with Sound
Post production sound engineer Brian Eimer, ImagesInSound

Mark Vogelsang

Designing Sound
Teacher, sound designer, and audio engineer

Siegfried Meier

Making It
Producer and Studio Owner Siegfried Meier

Bob Breen

Guiding Grads
Robert Breen, Career Development and Industry Relations, OIART

Dan Brodbeck

Juno Award Winner on the Thrill of Teaching
Producer, Recording Engineer, and Teacher Dan Brodbeck

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