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Federal and Provincial Student Loans (Canada Only)

Each province, in conjunction with the federal government, sponsors loans for post-secondary education. Applicants must be a Canadian citizen, meet financial requirements and be attending an educational institution that qualifies for support. The federal contribution is called the CSL (Canada Student Loan), but the name of provincial loan varies. In Ontario, it’s called OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program). 

No matter where you live in Canada, apply for both loans through your provincial student assistance program. If the province deems you eligible, the Federal government supports that agreement by contributing a percentage of the total amount (the CSL). OIART students may qualify for both federal and provincial financial assistance.

Ontario Students Only:

For additional information about loan programs, see the OSAP or CanLearn websites:

Out of Province Students:

For information about loan programs within your province please click the appropriate link:


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland & Labrador

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island




Many scholarships and awards are available to help eligible students.

In order to be eligible for any of the 2018-19 scholarships listed below, you must be accepted and enrolled in the program by March 31, 2018. A completed version of the OIART Scholarship Application Form must either accompany your application to the program, or be sent by email or mail to OIART before the deadline.

Individuals may apply for more than one scholarship, but only one will be given per person. Scholarship recipients will be notified no later than April 30, 2018. Scholarship funds will be given by cheque at the end of the seventh week of the school year in which the student is enrolled.

Please read the scholarship descriptions below and download the OIART Scholarship Application Form to apply.


Communications Arts Scholarship ($1,500 value, 1 offered)

Recording Engineering and Production technology has a key role in modern media production. Those with strong Audio, Multimedia, Video, Web design, Graphics, Drama and/or Visual Arts experience in their academic background are candidates for studies in Recording Technology. Valued at $1,500, this scholarship is open to high school graduates with a background in any of the areas listed above, particularly in their final two years of high school. This scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic standing and recommendations from a faculty member (or members) of the program the applicant attended.

Music Scholarship ($1,500 value, 1 offered)

OIART has always attracted musicians, and the creation of many modern styles of music now relies heavily on recording engineering and production technology. Valued at $1,500, this scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic standing in an established high school or Conservatory program and recommendations from a faculty member (or members) of the program the applicant attended.

Post Graduate/Sabbatical Scholarship ($2,000 value, 1 offered)

Each year, a number of individuals use the program at OIART to enhance previous educational experience. Graduates from Music, Fine Arts, Film Studies, Philosophy, English, History, Electronics and Computer Science programs have all attended the program. Established teachers have also used the program for professional development. This scholarship is valued at $2,000 and is open to all college and university graduates applying to the program. It is awarded on the basis of academic standing and recommendations from a faculty member (or members) of the program the applicant attended.

Jennifer Lewis Scholarships ($2,000 value, 2 offered)

Since graduating from OIART in the 1984-85 year, Jennifer Lewis has established herself as an outstanding member of the professional audio community. A Recording Engineer, Sound Designer and Lecturer, Jennifer currently holds the position of Creative Director at Maple Syrup Sound in Vancouver, B.C. This $2,000 scholarship is open to all women applicants, and is awarded on the basis of academic standing in related fields as well as recommendations from a faculty member (or members) of the program the applicant attended.


Kurosman Award

Perhaps the most brilliant student to attend OIART since its inception in 1983, Haluk Kurosman is a native of Turkey who graduated from the 1998-99 academic year. Through all three semesters his final Cumulative Grade Point Average was 4.25, out of a possible 4.33. The entire faculty agreed that his outstanding achievement embodied the finest intellectual and personal characteristics and ideals embodied by both the school and the audio industry. The Kurosman Award is given at the end of each academic year to the student whose performance most closely reaches, meets or even exceeds the high standard that Haluk established.

The award includes the following:

A $500 dollar academic award.

  • An honorary OIART Audio Associate Certificate. The A.A. certificate is earned by those few who are selected to complete a second year at the school in the Internship/Teaching Assistant Position.
  • Letters of Recommendation from the Directors of the Institute.

Couvillon Memorial Award

This is a post-graduate monetary award funded by the Couvillon family, in memory of graduate Kevin Couvillon who graduated from OIART’s program in 2005. Founded in 2012, this is awarded 1 year after graduation.

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