Over 30 Years of Experience in the Audio Industry & Successful Graduates Proves This Program Works.

The first school of its kind in North America, OIART remains committed to its founding principles of:

  • Providing students who are passionate about the audio industry with an education that will prepare them for a career in the industry, and
  • Supplying the audio industry with talented, qualified and professionally trained candidates who are able to “hit the ground running”.

Over the intense 11-month program, students enjoy:

  • An unprecedented 5:1 student-teacher ratio.
  • World-class faculty.
  • 0ver 1,300 hours in 8 state-of-the-art facilities including over 600 hours of hands on studio time.
  • Unrivaled personalized career counseling to help you land that first job and support throughout your entire career.

The results speak for themselves. Since opening, OIART has had over 1,500 students pass through the doors. Of that number, almost 90% graduate and more than 70% have jobs within 6 months.

71.4% of OIART Grads Find Full-Time Audio Industry Employment within 6 Months!

The finding in the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) survey, conducted for the Ministry for Training, Colleges and Universities, of private colleges for the 2013 academic year showed that, at 71.4% employment:

  • OIART outperformed its nearest competitor by over 16 percentage points;
  • is 60% higher than their lowest competitor; and outperformed the sector average by 30%.

That’s not just any job…that’s full-time employment as an audio industry professional. Exactly what you dream about doing! Other programs just don’t compare. If working as an audio professional is your dream, then OIART is the place you need to be!

It’s also worth noting that our student loan default rate is 0% -- because our students find work in their chosen profession quickly and can start repaying it right away.

Choose Your Passion

You were born for this.

Maybe you play an instrument, love DJ’ing, make music in Garage Band, Ableton, FL studio, Reaper or constantly make beats. However it comes out, it’s a passion you can’t contain.

If you know computers and have a sound-track playing constantly in your head, you’re already one of us. Come, express yourself and launch a career in music production.

For you being live is being alive

It’s the adrenalin rush of working in the now. Whether it’s a local club band, a heavy metal concert or a heavenly choir, it’s got to be perfect because there are no do overs. You wouldn’t have it any other way and that makes you one of us.

You already have an ear for it but you want to know it all, from cabling to power amps to line arrays. Come, find your “A” game and launch your career in live sound and event production.

Listening to complete the experience.

While other people seem to just focus on the visual, you’re also listening and are aware of the importance of the sound to create the full, immersive game or film experience.

Sound effects, dialogue, foley, music….you want to learn it all. Come, learn from the best and launch your career in Audio for Visual Media.

Once you graduate from OIART you become part of an elite alumni network that goes back to our roots some 30 years ago. They will serve as your network, allies,
credentials and inspiration
throughout your career.

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