The typical OIART student is passionate about audio in any form, spending hours, often late into the night, creating and consuming sound. Musicians, performers, avid gamers, beat makers, DJ’s, You Tubers, film and movie buffs, music aficionados, concert goers and techies are all present in our student body.

With educational backgrounds ranging from high school to college to university and ages from 17-30’s, our students hail from small towns and major cities all across Canada and the world. In previous educational settings, the classes they enjoyed include communications, music, audio, media, computers, technology, drama and art.

Typical previous experiences of our students include producing music, playing in a band, doing sound for school plays or assemblies, doing sound for their church, creating content for YouTube or other sites, making videos, and exposure to audio software such as GarageBand, FL Studio, Reaper, Ableton, Audacity etc.

OIART cultivates a close knit, like minded student culture that provides a collaborative and creative environment like you’ve never experienced before.


“No words can describe my experience at OIART. Not only was I taught by the best, but I was surrounded by some of the best people I will ever meet, people who I will remain connected to throughout my career and beyond. There is nothing about my experience at OIART I would change for the world. I’m proud to be part of the OIART Alumni. Thank you”Taylor Cambridge

“I always had musical ideas in my head, but I was never able to express it onto a medium. I would just use my video camera to take a recording of myself playing my compositions live on guitar and piano. After attending OIART, I acquired the techniques and knowledge necessary to produce the music the way I want it to sound through recording, editing, and mixing. I now use the computer (Pro Tools) as an instrument and tool to put together the music I write, instead of my video camera. My favourite thing about OIART was the community of teachers and students, it was the only school I’ve been to where everyone had something in common. I got to collaborate with a lot of people (teachers included!) who were into the same things as myself and ended up creating some really cool stuff; from sound designing for short films to creating rap songs.” – Steven Li

“I came to OIART because I was serious about working in the audio industry. From what I could gather from research I did prior to applying, OIART had the most well rounded program. After spending a year of my life immersed in this great program, I have realized that it is significantly better than I could have ever imagined. On top of professional education/guidance they provide, the whole atmosphere made this such an enjoyable experience; it really is a great community to be apart of. These past 11 months will always hold a special place in my heart.” – Andrew Doidge

“I had an amazing experience working with proven audio professionals (the teachers) and other up and coming students to give myself a great skillset. I feel prepared, and I enjoyed every moment. Its a great feeling when you are excited to be at school and the work doesn’t feel like a burden, it gets you excited to see what else you can do with audio.” – Mitchell Hamm

“My time at OIART was by far the most fun I’ve ever had learning anything in my life. The faculty is phenomenally skilled, and care deeply about each individual student’s success. Not only do the faculty care, but with such small class sizes and a massive post-graduate network, all of your peers just want to see you succeed. OIART is a way of life, and everyone has your back.” – Alex Robillard

“OIART blew my expectations of what “school” was away. I had expected an education on sound but took away an education on life. Everything you learn at this school gets you closer to your dream job, but also puts you in a better place as an individual. It’s tough to explain what OIART does exactly because they do so much so concisely. All I know is that I’m very sad to leave, but incredibly happy I went.” – Will Stephens

“My experience at OIART was life altering. Not only do I feel I gained an education that I consider priceless; the relationships I built with staff and fellow classmates have been equally as important. OIART helped me grow and develop as my own person as well as a professional.” – Cameron Banika