One of the responsibilities of being a school (especially one like ours, that is focused primarily on employment after graduation) is to stay current in the industry, follow new trends, and to prepare the students for future careers. Frankly, the majority of careers that younger students will be doing in 10 years, simply don’t exist yet. Therefore, it’s our responsibility as a school to start teaching for careers that will exist in the future, now! One of the biggest trends in music lately has been Youtube. For years, we have been showing the students how much audio post-production work goes into all of the youtube videos we consume daily. Content creation is on a rise and what better way to show the students that than bring in some of the top Youtube stars around the world and talk to them about the business and how to make a living working within and outside of the platform.

There are many people that want to create content. Obviously, there is going to be a huge demand for a skill set that can help with the process; everything from audio, video editing, and camerawork. As an educational institution within Live Sound, Audio for Visual Media, and Music Production, we are showing students how to connect the knowledge to the YouTube world. We saw YouTube as a unique way to tie that entire skill set together; to open up another range of career paths. Another way for students to take their skill set and passion, and translate that into another income to support themselves.

Every year we have the Youtubers come to the school and not only give a lecture to the students but come to the school and show them the process of creating the video, audio and even perform on the track and be part of the video which you can see down below

We want to thanks Pellek and Raon Lee for coming out to the school. It was amazing to have you two at the school. The students were very inspired from the lecture and extremely happy to help out with the song! Glad we could finally get you two in the same place for a video.

You can check out their pages here:
Raon Lee –
Pellek –

We would also like to thank OIART Alumni Siegfried Meier for Mixing and Mastering the song.
Check out his studio and past work here:

Here are the 2 other videos we have done in the past few years.

Music written by PelleK, with English lyrics by PelleK and Korean lyrics by Raon Lee
Filmed and recorded at OIART, Ontario, Canada
Mixed and mastered by Siegfried Meier
Drums by Cameron Fleury  –
Guitars by Gisha Djordjevic
All other instruments by PelleK Video
edited by PelleK, Raon Lee and Christer Larsen
Special thanks to the 2019 class of “Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology” for backing vocals on the last two choruses.