Payment of Enrollment Deposit and Materials and Supplies Fee

As outlined in the enrollment agreement you’ve already received, to complete your enrollment and secure your seat in the program for next September you must pay the tuition deposit of $1600 and the Materials and Supplies fee of $550, a combined payment of $2150. These fees are in Canadian funds. Please note your seat in the program is not secured for the upcoming school year until these fees have been paid.

The refund of fees paid is stipulated under the refund policy of the enrollment agreement and the included policy statements <<click here to view the refund policy again>> Please note the refund policy is governed under the regulations of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and the Private Career Colleges Act.

In addition to Visa or Mastercard, the tuition deposit can also be paid by personal cheque or e-transfer sent to  During the course of the school year, the 5 remaining tuition installments outlined in the enrollment agreement cannot be paid by credit card or e-transfer. These installments must be paid by personal cheque, bank draft, or wire transfer. Please contact us for wire transfer details.