Last week was a HUGE opportunity for our students and alumni. London, Ontario was the Host City for the 2019 Juno Awards and we figured, there isn’t a better way start their audio lifestyle and get hands-on experience in every aspect of what we teach here at OIART

We set the students up with some of the companies involved with the production and broadcasting of the Junos so they can get engaging hands-on experience. Students and Alumni took on jobs for the Local IATSE in the Audio, Video, Automation, Carpentry (Stage building) and Lighting Departments, as well as Stage Hand during the Junos to make sure all artist changeovers and audio gear were set up quick and efficient.

On the Location Audio side of the Junos, we were involved with the production sound and post-production sound design, dialogue/music/fx editing and mixing for the Juno promotional spots, Juno Gala videos, and production mixing for backstage talent interviews during the Juno Awards Ceremony.

Overall, it was a great, real-world work experience and an amazing opportunity for the students. One of the biggest things we aim at in our audio engineering program and why we are one of the best recording schools in North America is that we are setting students up with engaging, exciting, real-world projects like the Junos and the New years eve Event in Niagara Falls. Our Revolutionary Program allows us to give the students some unique learning environments with the freedom to explore all aspects of an audio career.