OIART - Alumni - Steve Scott

Steve Scott graduated from OIART’s audio recording technology program in 1993 and is now a Location Sound engineer and studio owner/engineer for post-audio and film. Starting his career at Mix Audio studios as owner/engineer, he began to go out on location around the USA/Canada filming feature films, shorts, documentaries, corporate, web series, sports, and reality TV for PBS and CBC. He then left the studio and began to freelance as a location sound engineer boom operator working with the likes of Danny Glover, Dominic Purcell, Vinnie Jones, Michael Beihn, Steven Lang, Trish Stratus, Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, and even legendary country music superstar Charlie Pride. He has won Multiple International Telly Awards for location sound. Steve recently completed the design and construction of Sarnia based Sound & Music studios where he does voice over, foley, editing, score, sound design for feature films as well as recording bands.

Steve enthused, “It was thanks to my OIART training that I am where I am today. The construction of the two studios I built were taken from my acoustics training with (OIART founder) Paul Steenhuis. Every time I’m repairing a audio cable on location, I think Of Christoph Babin’s live sound and electronics class – down to wrapping up the cables properly, trouble shooting audio problems on set, signal flow, microphone techniques and placement. The productions are impressed with my level of professionalism on set and this is the key to getting call backs for future work. This is all thanks to my audio training. I enjoy being out on location and the challenging environments and set ups. There is never a dull moment on a production, with many crazy stories to tell. It’s also nice to take the tracks back in the studio and polish and perfect them. It’s like having the best of both worlds. I feel my time at OIART has prepared me for this. I also enjoy talking to the students and grads, from time to time taking them out on set with me. Those who come out end up enjoying Location Audio as much as I do! The students always show me a trick or two they have learned at school!”