Oiart - Alumni - Sohan Jagtap

Sohan flew in from Mumbai, India to attend OIART in 2013. After graduating from OIART in 2014, Sohan moved to Toronto to work at a music recording studio (Find A Way). Here, he was an assistant engineer. He helped set up, assist and tear down recording sessions and also carried out live band recordings. Few months on, he moved back to India, where he almost immediately got hired by Ubisoft as a Junior Sound Designer. He has been at Ubisoft for the past two years and has worked on two AAA titles (Just Dance).

Sohan says, “OIART has the most comprehensive audio course. It gave me a solid understanding of the fundamentals and gave a strong foundation to build on. OIART was very helpful and insightful on how to approach the initial years of my audio career. In addition, it has a strong alumni network, which is a great resource.”