Oiart - Alumni - Ryan Yusep

Since graduating from OIART in 2015, Ryan has been working in Toronto as a Production Sound Mixer, Boom Operator, and Sound Assistant. Some of the first jobs that he had were through The Farmhouse Creative Labs, owned and operated by fellow OIART alumni, John Diemer. He began with working on ongoing web content for The Creator Class which led to many other projects with The Farmhouse such as Lost and Found Music Studios’ Jam Sessions (Family Channel), A Users Guide to Cheating Death (Sky Vision), and Say It, Make It, Eat It (AOL).

Aside from work at The Farmhouse Creative Labs, Ryan has had the opportunity to work on a variety of web series, sketch comedies, short films, commercials, reality television, and feature films. Some of the projects he has worked on include Timber Creek Lodge (Bravo) and Sugar Showdown (The Food Network), and clients such as Nike, Canon, Scotiabank, Danone Activia, CBC, and Juno TV.

“The skills I learned at OIART are invaluable with the work I am doing now. The curriculum laid a stable foundation for me to build my career and troubleshoot any problem that comes my way. I love that OIART has led me into a career where travelling across Canada, The United States, and beyond can be a regular thing!”