OIART Alumni - Nathan Bond

Grad Nathan Bond (’03) has been a live sound mixer for the better part of 10 years, touring the world. He has been working with Juno winner Serena Ryder for the last 7 years, most extensively over the last 4 during her Harmony album cycle as Production manager and Monitor Engineer. He is currently out on tour with the band Dear Rouge, touring Canada, USA, and Europe throughout the Fall and Winter as Tour Manager and Front of House Engineer.

Asked to describe his most interesting gigs, Nathan says, “In the summer we did a pretty big undertaking by doing a concert on the ocean floor at the Bay of Fundy for a CBC TV special. I had a big hand in making this show happen; as you can guess its a logistical nightmare. We spent months planning and even had to have a helicopter air lift our gear down to the beach. I also really enjoyed the Australian tour with Serena last spring. I’ve included photos of my monitor world at the rehearsals for Serena’s Pan Am games shows.” Ryder recorded and performed the theme song for the 2015 Toronto Pan Am games.

Of OIART, Nathan said, “I feel OIART really helped pave the path for my career, giving me the knowledge and skills I use on a daily basis – from things like signal flow and gain structure to problem solving in high pressure situations.”