OIART - Alumni - Mike Tompkins

Grad Mike Tompkins (’08) needs no introduction to many. His YouTube videos have passed 230 million views, making him one of the top viral artists of all time. Mike became an unintentional YouTube sensation – and a performer himself – when he started making a cappella cover videos of popular hits to show off his considerable production skills. He still self-produces, engineers and mixes, but has also collaborated with many others. He produced and is featured on the latest T.A.T.U. single, which went #1 in Russia. Mike co-wrote/produced with Timbaland for Jennifer Hudson’s single ‘Walk it Out’, where he is featured in the hook. He produced a song and video with The Muppets (The Muppets!). He has done advertisements for Target, Pepsi, Major League Baseball, Microsoft and Disney amongst others. What a career!

On his choice to come to OIART Mike said, “I learned I could only get so far teaching myself how to do this and that’s really what pushed me to go to OIART. My big dilemma was whether to invest my money in better gear for my studio or go to OIART and get the proper training. Luckily I made the right choice to go to OIART.” Mike credits OIART with teaching him how to get the ‘sounds that are in his head’ out of the speakers. He once told us that his goal as a student was to come back one day as a guest lecturer. Mission accomplished and then some, Mike. He is pictured here speaking to our students. Best wishes to you for the New Year!

You can read more about Mike in our web feature from 2011: https://www.oiart.org/alumni/mike-tompkins

Check out his website too at: http://www.tompkins.fm/