OIART Alumni - Marla Kishimoto

Marla Kishimoto (’09) has been working in Toronto as a sound editor and mixer for Studio 18 with Mark Krupka (’86) and Ben Doner (’09) for the last two years. She’s worked on numerous reality and lifestyle television shows, the highlight being The Amazing Race Canada, which she considers both the most fun and the most challenging thing she’s ever worked on.

Outside of work, Marla sings in the a cappella group Countermeasure, whose debut album “14 Characters” was named runner up for Best Jazz Album at the international Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards. Marla has toured the US and UK with Countermeasure and is looking forward to performing with them next August at the Edinburgh Fringe and vocal festival Vocalmente in Italy.

On her experience at OIART, Marla says, “I’ve been able to use my education from OIART in both my job and my hobbies. It has been invaluable in giving me the training I needed to succeed in the world of audio post production. Also, the live sound background helped me both to build Countermeasure’s wireless sound system from the ground performer.”up and taught me to listen critically to the sound, which makes me a better