OIART - Alumni - Mark Taleski

After graduating from OIART’s audio and music production program in 2000, Mark Taleski moved to Toronto to work as a live sound engineer and system technician. He worked with many bands across Canada and the U.S.A. including the Concert for Toronto benefit, often remembered as SARStock, featuring AC/DC and The Rolling Stones. In 2004 Mark joined Princess Cruises as a Audio Production Manager and spent the next 5 years traveling the world mixing a wide variety of acts; from cabarets and comedians to large scale production shows.

In 2010 Mark moved back to London and accepted a position with Freeman Audio Visual where he added the disciplines of Rigging, Lighting Design and Video Production to his resume. He has worked with many large corporate clients including The Memorial Cup, 3M Canada and Western University.  Mark is also a member of IATSE local 105 and has worked countless touring shows coming through London. He says, “It never fails to amaze me how often I fall back on the skills I learned at OIART. Whether it’s learning a new console or designing a new system, having a strong background in theory is extremely important. The principles of signal flow and troubleshooting have been invaluable – whether I’m working in an arena or in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.”