OIART - Alumni - Mark Corlett

Mark Corlett (’85) is the CEO of Absolute Video Theatre (avt.ca), a company he started in 1991. Specializing in Audio Visual for boardrooms, training centers, video theatres, auditoriums and live web streaming, the company engineers custom solutions for each project and has a number of innovations and inventions to their credit. They have been awarded government grants as a reward for developing new technology in Canada. In business for 29 years, AVT now employs 22 people.

A strong believer in work/life balance, Mark says, “I strive to be a little healthier and happier with each passing day. I love my intense morning squash games and the feel of a sailboat as she rides the wind,” and adds, “there is nothing better than the feeling of the warm Caribbean sun and the gentle ocean breeze, whilst sitting in a peaceful place eating mangoes and papaya…”

Of OIART’s music and audio production school, he says, “OIART was instrumental in giving me an edge up over similar competing students. I found the knowledge supplied to be a key factor in the success of my firm AVT.ca. I recognize OIART as a leading training ground and currently have two former students on staff in addition to myself (Kyle Porter ’03 and Mike Sennema ’04). Thank you OIART. A job well done!”

Continued success Mark!