Oiart - Alumni - Liam Thompson

Liam Thompson is a DJ/Producer based in London, Ontario.  After graduating from OIART in the summer of 2015, he briefly worked as a freelance audio engineer for a number of corporate clients, mixing and restoring dialogue recordings, as well as creating original music for their promotional videos. As his schedule flexible, Liam decided to return to Western University part time to finish his Bachelors Degree.

Just prior to returning to Western in the fall of 2015 Liam became involved in London’s club scene as a promoter, and over the past few years has altered his focus toward the nightclub industry. He shifted from event promoter to DJ, and has created two different musical personas (Siconic and James Béres) to serve different fan-bases.

Under these personas, Liam has played in a variety of venues in London’s downtown core, and has had the opportunity to open for artists such as D-Unity, Return of the Jaded, City Kid Soul, Joee Cons, Eddie Santini, Apashe, Bare Noize, and Rezz, as well as playing at London Block Party in 2016. Liam also recently had a track signed under his James Béres persona in collaboration with another grad from his year at OIART, has won a music production contest for his original track “Cut The Midrange”, and has much more music on the way.

Liam has built acoustically treated production studio in the basement of his home, along with an isolation booth for recording vocals, instruments, and foley to use in his production. Occasionally he records and produces other artists, but his primary focus in on his own musical projects.

“I can’t begin to explain how valuable my time at OIART was. Obviously, I learned a huge amount from the amazing instructors — recording techniques, acoustic treatments, sound design, mixing, speaker calibration, and much more — but the opportunity to network with, and learn from, the other talented students was perhaps just as valuable. The healthy competition between the students forced me to find out how hard I could actually work, and the guidance of the faculty made sure I had the skills to compete both before and after graduation. Audio can be a lonely career path, and having talent is only half the battle, but OIART provides much more than just information; the experience of working as a team, and the close friendships and professional connections made during that process, helps set you up for success. Many of us stay in touch, and aside from having friends that can understand audio jargon, we still use each other as assets to get mix advice, help with larger projects, or find work in this competitive field.”

Check him out at facebook.com/JamesBeresMusic or facebook.com/siconic.