Oiart - Alumni - Kyle Porter

After graduating from OIART’s audio and music production course in 2010, Kyle travelled all over the globe as a shipboard audio technician for Celebrity Cruise Lines. Back on land, he now works for fellow grad Mark Corlett (’85) at Absolute Video Theatre as Senior Audio Programmer and Installer. Kyle explained, “Coming up with new and innovative ways of programing and deploying large AV systems is sometimes a daunting but welcomed challenge. I work closely with the rest of the team to provide clients with solutions that fit current and future needs.”

He keeps his live sound chops up as an Audio Technician for the Rose Theatre Brampton and on various outdoor events and festivals. Kyle’s duties will include setting up audio systems, mixing front of house and monitors, stage managing, equipment maintenance, fly system operations and scenery and staging assembly. Additionally, he said, “I’ll be joining Brampton Musical Theatre later this month in rehearsals to begin designing their run of West Side Story. I’ll be responsible for Pre-Programming and Coordinating 20+ channels of wireless, Mic and set monitor for the 22 musician orchestra in the pit and programming the console for all 96 inputs and 100+ Snapshots and Cues. Lastly, my job is to Mix the show to provide a transparent and captivating experience for every member of the audience.” This year, Kyle was Nominated for Best Sound Design for the Brampton Music Theatre Musical “Jesus Christ Superstar,” by the Association of Community Theatres of Central Ontario.

Kyle told us, “Over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Audio Professionals from all over the world and I have yet to find one who speaks as highly about their education as an OIART grad.” Thanks Kyle!