OIART Alumni - John Horwath

John Horwath (’08) is a Technical Sales Representative for Product Solutions Group, designing and executing high end audio and video installations. Recently he finished design and initial support for a fully automated 16,000 sq ft private residence that features: a 9.2 surround sound home theatre with a 170” custom built screen, surround sound in all 5 bedrooms, a dance hall and indoor pool that incorporates 12 in ceiling speakers, 2 subwoofers, a drop down movie screen and 2 60” tv’s – in case swimming isn’t entertaining enough. Prior to Product Solutions Group he worked at both Fairview HiFi and London Audio as an installation technician and programmer.

John says, “OIART taught me three of the most valuable lessons in my career: signal flow, normalization and what kills electronics (heat, dust, power). Understanding signal flow allows me to design complex audio and video systems. It also allows me to read blue prints and electrical wiring diagrams, which helps when putting together automation ideas for large properties. Normalization means everything to me. Put things back the way they need to be when you are done with them and your productivity will sky rocket. You can imagine how important this is with a van full of tools, connectors, wire etc. Understanding what kills electronics helps me troubleshooting problems daily. Houses are not always ideal storage spaces for expensive electronics. Knowing that they need proper venting, routine cleaning and stable power helps me move on to the next step in troubleshooting a defective system if those 3 things are maintained and under control.”