OIART Alumni - Jesse Ash

Jesse Ash (’02) is a freelance Sound Designer and Composer working primarily in Theatre and Installations across Canada and internationally. With close to 75 designs under his belt since moving headlong into the role in 2006, he spent 7 seasons with the Stratford Festival of Canada and has been teaching Sound Design at the National Theatre School of Canada since 2009. Elsewhere he has collaborated with the likes of artists from Robert Wilson to Hawksley Workman and is currently completing a project with Josh (Socalled) Dolgin in Montreal. More recently Jesse has been venturing into creating music and designs for Films and Series and is working with Possiblemedia.org to help spruce up the audio component of some of their very worthwhile content. He has also been nominated and received awards for his Sound Design work in several cities.

Jesse says, “OIART introduced me to the underlying concepts of Sound and Audio and I’ve since realized that once you are comfortable with those concepts, you can do it all…with a bit of practice.”