OIART - Alumni - Graham Van Pelt

Graham Van Pelt aka Miracle Fortress graduated from OIART’s audio and music production course in 2003. Moving to Montreal, he quickly became part of the city’s thriving music scene, mixing live sound and eventually opening a performance space and studio. Over time, he has become a critically acclaimed composer, musician, engineer, mixer and producer, taking on the name Miracle Fortress for his projects. His 2007 album Five Roses was short listed for Canada’s Polaris Prize, awarded to the best album of the year regardless of sales or genre. He followed it up with “Was I The Wave” on Secret City Records.

He is currently working on the follow up album and released the single, “Here’s To Feeling Good All The Time” last summer in anticipation. Aside from Miracle Fortress, Graham has stayed busy working on other projects as well, touring and recording with Diamond Rings, collaborating with the band Snow Patrol, and forming the electronic dance project Inside Touch. Looking forward to Graham’s next release. Photo by Pierre Obendrauf, The Montreal Gazett