Oiart - Alumni - Dean Guilbault

Dean graduated from OIART in 2015. Prior to graduating, Dean wrote a single with a Toronto based R&B singer that went on to receive millions of plays online and to gather international attention. The success of this single set the tone for Dean’s career in production, songwriting and for becoming a performing artist. Dean joined forces with the R&B singer to become an artist duo called Always Never.

Dean is predominantly focused on producing, mixing, and songwriting for Always Never while also currently working as a producer and songwriter for other artists.

Always Never has charted internationally and has garnered over 14 million streams across all major online platforms and international radio play as of the end of 2016. They have been invited to perform at Canadian Music Week 2017 in Toronto.

This upcoming year is looking exciting for Dean as he works with well-regarded songwriters and focuses on the success of Always Never. The duo has garnered attention from some major industry players and will be releasing their debut album early this year with a tour planned in the United States after the release of the album.