Oiart - Alumni - Carlo Scrignaro

Carlo Scrignaro is a Sound Designer/Editor/Mixer and an all-around Audio Engineer based in Toronto, Ontario, who started his career as a musician recording his own drum cover videos that he posted on YouTube. From there, he wanted to learn more about the art of sound recording, so in September of 2015, he enrolled at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology.

Right after graduating, Carlo moved to Toronto, Ontario to begin working and building his career as an audio professional. He has held jobs such as a: AV Technician, Location Sound Recordist, Sound Mixer, Live Sound Engineer, Sound Designer, Sound Editor, Dialogue Editor, Foley Artist, Boom Operator, Re-recording mixer, and Front of House Engineer.

When he first attended the school he had everything intention of going into the music business, but after experiencing  Mark Vogelsang’s Audio for Visual Media course he quickly changed his mind. He was blown away by the vast amount of work and skill that goes into feature films and was drawn to it immediately. He was blown away by the vast amount of work and skill that goes into creating sound for picture and was drawn to it immediately. He is currently working as a freelancer and has completed projects under Leons, Cadillac, Hyundai, Kia, Majestic, Kraft, Palm Bay, and World Vision Canada. In addition to working in post-production, he is also a Permittee Sound Assistant with NABET and occasionally works as a Location Sound Recordist. Carlo has also taken interest in audio for Virtual Reality and is currently working on a couple immersion projects of his own.

“I loved OIART, it was one of the best years of my life and it is where I made friends for life. It gave me the strongest foundation possible to launch my career in audio. One of the most important things I learned in school was how to work as a team. You’ll almost never be working alone on a project/production and so communication is vital. Most people will think that once you’ve graduated, the school won’t care about you anymore, but that is completely false with OIART. I still regularly keep in contact with my past teachers asking for advice and opinions. They care about all their students whether they are currently enrolled or alumni. All in all, OIART is an amazing school and I would highly recommend anyone with a passion for audio to attend. Without OIART, I would probably be working in a factory somewhere and so I am thankful to OIART and its faculty for opening the doors of the audio world to me because I am now earning a living doing what I love.”

You can learn more about Carlo by visiting his website: carloscrignaro.com