OIART Alumni - Bryan Moreau

Bryan Moreau (’05) is currently a switcher/director for CBC Radio-Canada ACADIE (TV), running an automated broadcast studio. Starting his career at Radio-Canada/CBC as an Audio Mixer for broadcast news, Bryan also spent time working as a cameraman/jib operator. Some of his most memorable gigs so far have included travelling to SOCHI to work the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. the show Makusham on APTN and Le Revue Acadienne (sketch comedy) on Radio-Canada.

Bryan says, “Coming from OIART and its quick pace hands-on learning program made me a very flexible tech. Allowing me to transition from Audio work to Camera work and now to Directing. I’ve been able to keep things interesting for myself and do what I wanted. I love my work and the daily challenges.

The biggest skill I learned from OIART is not technical or theoretical, but the skill of learning itself. To be aware of what you know and own it, but also to know what you don’t know and how/where to learn it. At OIART, I learned how to adapt to an ever changing technological environment. Being flexible and multi disciplined lead to amazing opportunities.”