Oiart- Alumni - Bryan Gallant

Bryan Gallant, a 2000 graduate of OIART’s music production school, is the Operations Manager of The Warehouse Studios in Vancouver. Owned by superstar Bryan Adams, the facility is one of the premier recording facilities in the world, featuring one of the three Neve consoles specially built by Rupert Neve for George Martin’s AIR studios. Bryan isn’t big on credits but admitted, “Bryan Adams, Billy Talent, REM and Shakira represent a few hours, days, and months of my life.” Bryan says, “I graduated from OIART in 2000, and moved to the west coast in spring of ’01. I was hired as a runner at The Warehouse Studio a week after arriving in Vancouver. I worked as a runner, assistant engineer, engineer and archivist for the next 6 or so years, enjoyed some great experiences and accumulated some nice credits during that time, but decided the engineering lifestyle wasn’t for me. Thankfully I was offered a position as the studio manager and the rest is history. We have an amazing studio and staff here. I feel really fortunate to have been a part of it all for so long.”

He added, “I’m happy to say that I’ve hired quite a few OIART grads over the years.” Indeed, Bryan currently works alongside Studio Assistants Ryan Enockson (’08) and Nick Civiero (’11), Hayden Watson (’14) and Studio Technician David Taylor (’14).