Oiart - Alumni - Ben Spiller

Ben Spiller (’12) in an audio editor, recordist and sound designer for television, film and video games at Wanted! Sound and Picture in Toronto. His work includes recording and mixing the Wanted! Live series of music videos, and he was recently a Dialogue Editor on Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate video game. Since graduating OIART’s audio and music production school, the film and television projects Ben has worked on have been nominated for multiple Canadian Screen Awards. His credits include; Sidekick vs. Superhero, George of the Jungle, Book Of Negroes, Pirate’s Passage and Teen Titans. Ben is a talented musician as well and plays bass in his band The Commoners along with producer Ross Hayes Citrullo.

Ben says, “The staff at OIART taught me a lot of important fundamentals, but on top of everything they taught me how to learn. The ability to read a room and adapt to suit the needs of a specific job is integral. These are the kind of work ethics you pick up at OIART.” Congratulations on your success Ben!